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About Me

My name is Neon and I created Light it up as a representation of myself. I aim to inspire others to have resilience and to persevere through whatever life throws at you. This means trying your hardest at what you are doing and to never give up. Most importantly, I want others to remember the significance of making time for yourself and your hobbies. Anything from fishing to reading and everything in between. If there's something you enjoy, make time for it!

About the logo

The logo I created is based on 4 elements of myself. First off, we have the cat. During high school and college, I had a nickname, "the cat." This started out in judo club, where I would cat spin out of throws. Its also a play on words with my name, so I was also called Nyan Cat and Nyan Nyan. Second element is the katana, representing my Japanese background. Third is the gun, which represents my biggest hobby of shooting guns and reloading. Finally, the X on the left eye represents the vision loss I suffered from an accident with scissors when I was a child. And its pink because that's my favorite color!

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    Come join me as I showcase my hobbies down at the shooting range!

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